Assemble Applications That Interface Across Chains

ARMup Network is a stage for cross-chain-associated
applications that join resources and usefulness from
numerous blockchains.


Reviving the Speed of Development

ARMup Network drives better encounters, utilizing Web3 standards to push application advancement to a higher level. As a brilliant agreement stage for building cross-chain-associated applications, ARMup Network powers dApps that can reach clients, resources, aznd administrations on any chain.

Make it here. Develop All over.

Associate with chains upheld by Axelar, LayerZero, Wormhole, Hyperlane, and XCM.Review Associations.

Availability at Our Center

ARMup Network allows you to move with the market and tap into vast assets from Polkadot, Polygon, Ethereum, and others. Join the usefulness of various specific chains or essentially send locally on ARMup Network to elevate your task.


Crypto Solutions on ARMup Network:

“Discover the power of integration with ARMup Network, your one-stop hub for cutting-edge crypto services and secure financial solutions.”


Unlock the future of finance with ARMDV, your secure digital vault for cryptocurrency.


Simplify your transactions with ARMF, the financial app designed for everyday people.

ARM Wallet

Experience the freedom of crypto with ARMWallet, your universal key to digital currencies.

ARMUP Exchange

Trade with confidence on ARMUP Exchange, where crypto meets innovation.


Transform your trading with ARMswap, the exchange where cryptocurrency meets efficiency.

Arm Hard Wallet

Secure your digital world with our comprehensive solutions: Encrypted Flash Drives for portable protection, Encrypted Cloud Solution for ultimate online security, and Arm Hard Wallet for unmatched encrypted asset storage.

ARM Cards

Elevate your spending with ARM Cards, offering global acceptance, automated accounting, and exclusive perks.


Unparalleled Cross-Chain Brilliant Agreement Abilities

Utilize ARMup Network’s Associated Agreements to join your multi-chain dapp arrangements into one flawless client experience.

Layer One with Quick Conclusiveness and Secure Scaling

Shared security and conclusiveness gained from the Polkadot Hand-off Chain invigorate ARMup Network's foundation, which is loaded with Polkadot's validator set.

Your Number one Instruments and Programming Language

Manufacturers on ARMup Network can take advantage of the most well-known Ethereum-based engineer devices, records, and wallets, and that's just the beginning.

Admittance to Clients, Resources, and Assets on Any Chain

Use ARMup Network's shrewd agreements as the "mind" of your multi-chain organization. This way, you can flex with the market's requests and consistently extend to attract new clients.

Step-by-step instructions to Reach out

Join the Local area

As ARMup Network develops, our local area develops with it! Assist with driving the charge by bringing your exceptional abilities — whether they're specialized, imaginative, or just commonsense — as an individual from the ARMup Network Minister Program.

Make a App

With the best of Ethereum, Polkadot, and multi-chain abilities, ARMup Network offers the best climate for dApp improvement and organization.

Start a collator

Collators produce blocks and support block liveness on the network. The partnerships they produce are then sent to validators in the relay chain for finalization. Turn into a collator and assist with keeping the organization working.

Meet the worldwide community.

Join a fast-growing community of developers and innovators connected all over the world, building the new era of the internet.

GIT Book

Ask questions and chat with the worldwide community on Telegram.


Follow @cosmos to get the latest news and updates from across the ecosystem.


Have technical questions about Cosmos tools? Ask a developer on the Community Discord.


Thinking about becoming a validator or interested in network matters? Join the discussion.


Thinking about becoming a validator or interested in network matters? Join the discussion.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Crypto Assets with ARM Cards.


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